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Travel Claim Services

Because claims volume is not steady, we give our partners the flexibility to ramp up and turn off resources. We augment all or a portion of our partners’ travel claims handling process (both daily and surge response), depending on their needs.


Phone Support

Customer care phone support provided for daily and catastrophe response

Claims Support

Cruise ship claims, rental property, trip cancellation or delay, baggage delay, medical evac and repatriation, and quality reviews

Focused Hiring

Focused hiring and training of teams to client specifications ensures high quality service delivery

Custom Learning

Custom online learning management system developed for each client partner allows for remote learning and staffing regardless of location

Back Office Efficiency and Flexibility

Administrative Strategies helps our business partners optimize their labor output. By managing the people and the associated overhead, we save our partners time and spend. Team members generally work remotely on our partners’ systems, which allows for broader time zone coverage, depending upon our partners’ preference.

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