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Innovative Claims Solutions

Learn how you can partner with us to create innovative solutions for your company

Embrace Change with AdStrat

We feel that just because something has been done one way, it doesn't mean there isn't a new way to do it or new technology to deploy.

"AdStrat has worked a lot with innovation, and when we innovate and work with other partners we don't just do it for us. We think it's important to elevate the claims community as a whole. What we learn from our case studies and the practices we implement that can serve the entire industry, we share with the entire industry. We think the world is a better place when everyone is doing their best work."



Bringing the Metaverse to the Insurance Industry

AdStrat, The IA Firm of Choice for Innovative Claim Solutions, is excited to share its new business case study in 2024. AdStrat is pursuing a Professional Metaverse Solution to address several of the insurance industry’s challenges by embracing the latest technology.


Xactimate Mobile Efficiency Using iOS Devices

We began our case study in early 2022 to provide feedback on the use of Xactimate mobile on iOS devices. This year long project spanned the US, and the team successfully used this technology on over 1,000 claims.

Using Mobile increased productivity, improved accuracy, and decreased turnaround times even with
higher indemnity loss amounts and double the amount of claims handled compared to prior year.

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Class of 2023

Insurance Luminaries

Claims Innovation Luminary Finalist Administrative Strategies looks at the heart of their successful technology rollout in mobile claims in this Luminaries Spotlight feature.

AdStrat caught the attention of the 2023 Luminaries panel for its innovative work in mobile claims estimations, being named as a finalist in the claims innovation category.

Click below to read more and view the conversation with Christopher Petersen, Director of Innovation and Legal Affairs at AdStrat, on the achievement and lessons learned in earning this recognition. 

Business Meeting

Benefits For Our Clients

Our innovative approach allows us to:

  • Partner

  • Train/Coach

  • Deliver faster, more accurate, and measurable results

  • Collaborate

  • Try new things

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Benefits For Our Adjusters

Our innovative philosophy helps to provide our adjusters:

  • The ability to build a solid technical foundation  

  • Partnerships with vendors for critical and innovative resources

  • Training and Support

  • Valuable feedback

  • Competitive pay

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