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Surge Protection

You know your business. You manage it well. But what if something happens? Something that makes you rethink your process or drives the need for more resources, and quickly! Are you ready to respond?

Administrative Strategies prides itself on delivering high quality solutions to fit any claims or processing support need. We are not a staffing company. We are a services organization that has an abundant complement of professional resources that can respond to large or small events and help you weather the storm. We collaborate with our partners to deliver a holistic resource solution to quickly get you back to your “normal state” or continue with flexible, long term support solutions.


Administrative Strategies provides business strategies, solutions, and consulting services with unparalleled quality, service and compassion. Our value-added service, experience, open communications and “can do” spirit equips us deliver exemplary services to all of our business partners.

Support Solutions

  • Resources to handle volume surges

  • Licensed and non-licensed claims professionals

  • Project Lead assigned to oversee the partner requirements and delivery of services

  • Quality data analytics and quality assurance

  • Continual process improvement for optimal outcomes

  • Work within your environment or ours

  • Work remote or on-site in partner’s offices

  • E-Learning and Virtual Training Development

  • Production, hourly or day rate fees depending on service needs

Diagonal Patten

Industries We've Supported

  • Property, Casualty & Liability field and desk claims

  • Flood insurance field and desk claims

  • Travel insurance claims

  • Pet insurance claims

  • Post claim auditing/quality review

  • State Receivership claims

  • Business Interruption – Gulf Oil Spill

  • Expert review of claim files for U.S. DOJ

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